CPLS, P.A. believes that a lawyer’s primary role is to help clients be proactive and reduce costly outcomes. Lawyers can help their clients succeed by encouraging them to plan effectively for predictable and unpredictable risks, should help counsel clients before major actions are taken, avoiding negative consequences, and should negotiate and draft agreements and documents that anticipate and reduce their clients’ risks.

Proactive Philosophy

When our clients need to be reactive, we feel it is important to help them solve their problems as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We do this by combining our proactive philosophy with thorough knowledge and understanding of the matter at hand. We strive to educate each client about his or her options, analyze the consequences of choosing each option, and zealously represent our client’s interest in pursuing their chosen option while being mindful of the legal and ethical responsibilities relative thereto.

With these principles in mind, we quote the words of Benjamin Franklin…”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is wiser to avert a problem than to try and fix it once it has happened. It’s probably truer today than ever before.

Get Your Legal Checkup

Most people are familiar with the philosophy of an annual medical examination. Very few people, however, regularly review their legal and financial affairs with their attorney. Changes in one’s business, family, or financial situation coupled with changes in the law make it advisable to take a fresh look at your “legal health” from time to time. After all, there are changes in your business and personal life every year just like with your physical health. Every time you sign something or make significant business changes or life changes, it could affect you legally.

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