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Practice and Sub Practice Areas

Business Law Attorneys You Can Trust

If you are ready to take the leap and make your new business idea a reality, or if you are an ongoing business in need of guidance and counsel, our attorneys can provide experienced legal support for every stage of the life of your business.

Criminal Defense Attorneys...Fighting for You

We believe in fighting for people who can't fight for themselves. We understand that facing any type of criminal defense can be frightening. We are here for you every step of the way.

Class Action and Mass Tort

Have you or a loved one suffered serious injury or side effects from a drug? We represent plaintiffs in class action lawsuits nationwide. We are dedicated to fighting to protect consumers who are harmed or misled by claims.

Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy?

You're not alone. We are dedicated to representing individuals and business clients in bankruptcy cases filed under Chapter 7, 11, and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Let us empower you.

Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Navigating Rules and Regulations. Compliance is Key. Take advantage of our exceptional capacity to represent clients seeking to challenge or defend government regulation or to bring about appropriate regulatory action.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

In court, the winner is the litigation system. There is a better, more cost effective solution. Alternative Law gets results. Business & Consumer Legal Conflict Resolution. Save money, save time. Most cases settled without litigation.

Civil Rights Violations, We Put People First

We advocate for victims of injustice and illegality. If you have experienced age, gender, disability, national origin, harassment, racial discrimination, or retaliation from an employer or other party, we're here to help you seek justice.

Employment and Labor Law, Prevention and Defense

We offer our experience and knowledge. We get to know you, your business, and your industry, and assist you in devising solutions to employment problems that affect the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

Need Consumer Protection? We Know What to Do.

You do not have to face your legal problem alone. We understand the frustration of trying to get an even break on a playing field that seems tilted uphill against you. Our compassionate lawyers are ready to help.

Elder Law & Estate Planning Asset Protection

Protect Your Assets. Don't let long-term care costs or nursing home care drain in months what you've saved over a lifetime. Our attorneys can protect your family when you are at risk financially. Let us help you regain your peace of mind.

Legal, Business, & Leadership Consulting

Client solutions often involve legal and non-legal components. We work with you (from individuals to complex businesses), supporting you in developing and implementing your strategies, goals, and plans.

Loss in the family with no will? We can help with Probate Litigation

It’s important to ensure that your family and loved ones are provided for after you die. We can assist you with estate planning, will, and trust needs. We also support clients through the process of probate, including probate litigation, in the event that a loved one doesn’t leave a will.

Intellectual Property

We can help you protect and retain the value of your ideas, trade secrets, designs, and products with copyrights, trade secrets, patents and trademarks. We are also experienced in representing clients in Intellectual Property ownership disputes.