Legal, Business, and Leadership Consulting Services

Businesses need legal as well as non legal consulting services. CPLS, P.A. provides consulting services in various areas of interest to small, medium and large businesses and include legal consulting services, management consulting services and leadership consulting services.

Legal Consulting Services

Our legal consultants include the firm’s attorneys who are highly experienced in their areas of practice. Whether you are dealing with personal, family, or work related difficulties, sometimes all it takes is a few minutes of their time to help you identify key issues, identify viable options and help you make the best decision to minimize your risk, protect your interest, and have peace of mind. Our consulting services for individuals include personal coaching services with a focus on self leadership principles to help you maximize your potential.

Business Consulting Services

Our business consultants include lawyers as well as non lawyers who have the educational background and experience in their field of expertise. Whether you are starting your own business, have the opportunity to grow and expand your business, or need to reevaluate your operations and come up with a new strategy, our Business Consulting Team can help to maximize your potential. Our consulting services for businesses include business coaching services with a focus on planning, implementation, and evaluation. It also included business leadership consulting services to help build strong organizational leadership.

Leadership Consulting Services

Employees want to be lead, not managed. In order to build a strong organization, you need to build strong leaders from the receptionist to the CEO. Helping organizations empower their employees to become strong self leaders and understand strong team leadership principles will help the organization become a strong organizational leader in its industry and provide superior services to its customers. Our leadership consulting services focus on building strong self leaders, strong highly productive teams, and strengthening the organizational structure.

Consulting Services We Offer

Consulting services we offer include, and are not limited to:

For more information on our corporate and business law services, visit our Business Law Group.