Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a core value at CPLS. We believe that making our firm’s operations more sustainable is both good business practice and an essential part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our goal is to make sustainable use of renewable natural resources and conserve nonrenewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning. With this goal in mind, we have taken a number of steps to create and foster sustainability within our firm, including practices that promote energy conservation, reduce waste and improve the workplace for our employees. Specific steps include:

Operations and Investments

  • Establishing a Sustainable Policy to guide the firm’s varied and ongoing sustainability initiatives
  • Operating from an ENERGY STAR® Certified building, which includes bike storage. energy management system, green cleaning, high efficiency lighting, low VOC finishes, low water irrigation, water conservation fixtures, occupancy sensors, energy sub metering, recycling program, reduced-use paper products, high efficiency HVAC drives, and a white roof.
  • Collaborating whenever possible with vendors and suppliers to achieve sustainability

Energy Efficiency

  • Upgrading computer desktops with laptops firm-wide that consumes approximately less energy
  • Turning off all lights and equipment at night and on weekends
  • Setting printers and copiers to shut off automatically after a certain hour

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Deploying an electronic records management software application that facilitates the management of all physical and electronic records and documents
  • Placing recycle bins in copy room to promote recycling of paper (including books, magazines, newspapers, Redweld file folders, etc.)
  • Recycling and safely disposing of batteries, toner cartridges, computers and other electronics
  • Optimizing all photocopiers and printers to allow double-sided copying
  • Using scanning device on all photocopiers to minimize unnecessary printing
  • Encouraging lawyers and staff to retain items electronically rather than printing them
  • Converting all mail items to electronic documents


  • Encouraging the use of commuting alternatives such as mass transit and bicycling, and telecommuting when appropriate
  • Encouraging the use of videoconferencing and teleconferencing for meetings involving lawyers or clients in multiple locations
  • Hand delivering or using bicycle couriers whenever possible for local deliveries