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CPLS has built a reputation as a competent law firm with highly skilled attorneys. We provide comprehensive legal services for professionals in virtually every specialty. In 2004, we launched a pioneering program for clients that offers a discounted rate for representation to take the worry and guesswork out of your legal work.

This unique program, “Preferred Client Program,” is the cornerstone of our firm’s representation for clients and reflects our philosophy of providing unique, worry-free and convenient solutions. In addition, we provide a comprehensive array of legal services that allows us to serve all of the legal need of professionals and other clients.

Our Practice Areas

Our portfolio of legal services includes:


We are prepared to be of service as soon as an issue arises or as late as the appeals stage.

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Business and Real Estate Transactions

From forming a business to buying a property, you should always consult an attorney before entering into any type of business agreement or contractual obligation.

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Civil and Complex Litigation

Running a business can give rise to lawsuits. Our litigators represent your interests in commercial and construction litigation cases.

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Criminal Defense

Discover unparalleled family and criminal defense services from our lawyers.  CPLS is here to protect you, your rights, freedom, wallet, and possibly your life. We provide affordable criminal law services, as well as services for DUI and traffic offenses.

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Divorce and Family Law

Protect yourself and your family from unexpected changes in life.

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Employment Law

Many laws protect employee rights and govern the relationship between employer and employee. It is always best to know the law up front in the employment relationship to minimize the risk of a potential lawsuit.

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Estate Planning and Probate

Our probate and estate planning attorneys will help with all aspects of estate planning including advanced medical directives, power of attorney, long-term care planning and the creation of wills and trusts. We can help protect your legacy and assets and handle complex issues such as the succession of a private medical practice. We also assist families who have lost their loved ones who are probating the will to carry out the wishes of the deceased.

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Immigration and Naturalization

Immigration is an ever-changing field.  Our attorneys stay up-to-date on developments in immigration law and help clients navigate changing laws and regulations.

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