Personal Injury Appeals

Orlando Personal Injury Appeals Lawyers

While the Florida personal injury and wrongful death lawyers of CPLS, P.A. are perhaps best known for their achievements at the trial court level, their comprehensive knowledge of the law relating to negligence, products liability, motor vehicle accidents, and insurance disputes also makes them highly effective appellate advocates if your case goes to appeal. Contact the Florida civil appeals lawyers of CPLS, P.A. if your jury verdict award is challenged by the defendant on appeal, or if you need reversal of an unfavorable ruling by the trial court. A personal injury plaintiff might need to continue to litigate the claim in an appellate court, either to affirm or reverse a trial court decision, in any of the following circumstances:

  • Appeal of a jury verdict
  • Dismissal of a defendant from the case
  • Remittitur of a damages award, or a judge’s order to reduce a jury verdict
  • A trial judge’s ruling of judgment for the defendant notwithstanding a jury verdict for the plaintiff
  • Dismissal of one or more counts of a complaint at summary judgment
  • Dismissal for failure to state a cause of action
  • Trial court rulings on evidence, including expert testimony as to damages
  • Appeal of a default judgment against a non-appearing defendant
  • Mistake in the verdict

Many jury verdicts are appealed by personal injury litigants because of the size of the damages award or the novelty of the legal questions resolved by the trial court. In some cases, a successful plaintiff at trial might want to answer a losing defendant’s appeal with a cross appeal of his or her own, if a particular component of damages was excluded from the jury award. The Florida civil appellate attorneys at CPLS, P.A. are some of the best respected courtroom lawyers in the state, and have successfully defended many substantial jury verdicts in the Florida Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. If you need appellate representation in a personal injury or premises liability case involving serious head injuries, a disputed damages award for PTSD, or a misinterpretation of Florida UM/UIM law, contact the Florida civil appeals attorneys at CPLS, P.A. without delay – time passes very quickly on appellate court deadlines.