Drug Crime Appeals

If you have been convicted of a drug crime, your criminal defense is not over. It is never too late to contact a Florida criminal defense lawyer and fight the charges against you. At CPLS, we offer comprehensive post-conviction services and can work to appeal your conviction. If you want to get the best possible result in your drug crime case, contact our team of attorneys and continue fighting against damaging criminal penalties.

Act Quickly to Fight Your Drug Crime Conviction

When you are convicted with possession, manufacturing, or distribution of a drug such as marijuana, LSD, cocaine, or any other illicit substance, you face substantial fines and potentially a long jail term. Fortunately, our lawyers have ample experience defending and appealing drug related convictions. Utilize your right to appeal your sentence with CPLS. Our effective post-conviction strategies can help you earn back your freedom.

Don’t Let Yourself or Loved Ones Suffer From Wrongful Conviction in Florida

If someone close to you has been wrongfully convicted of a drug crime in Orlando, or anywhere else in Florida, don’t hesitate to access our exhaustive post-conviction services. Contact us now to discuss your post-conviction and appeal options. We can help you understand how improper evidentiary ruling by a trial judge, newly discovered evidence, improper jury proceedings, ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutor misconduct, or judge recusal for conflict of interest can give you grounds for appeal.

We know you want to improve your drug crime case result, and our lawyers can explore every possible option while directing you through the process of deciding how to best continue your defense. If you are convicted of any federal or state drug crime, we can help you get the result that escaped you during the initial trial process.

Our Lawyers Will Not Rest Until We Achieve Superior Results in Your Case

CPLS has experience working for the Florida Court of Appeals and has been successfully handling Florida drug crime appeals for over two decades. Contact us now to set up a consultation with an appeal attorney, and discover the many possibilities available for your continued defense.

Our Respected Approach to Drug Crime Appeals

We aggressively defend clients who have been convicted of drug crimes in Florida. You will be able to work one-on-one with a lawyer who cares about your legal battle and will assist you in getting the outcome you want. We will give you an honest assessment of your case and ensure that you thoroughly understand every option available and what any next step could mean for your future. Our aggressive lawyers have ample experience in Florida drug crime appeals, and will provide you with the knowledge necessary to handle your drug-related case.

Attorneys Representing Clients Convicted of Possessing, Trafficking, or Manufacturing Drugs in Orlando, and throughout Florida

We can expose every hidden detail of your original investigation and trial process to ensure your drug crime appeal has every opportunity to be successful. We will uncover any evidence gained through illegal search or through tactics that violated your rights. We will relentlessly examine witness testimony to make sure all unreliable information is brought to light. We will hold overly aggressive police and overzealous prosecutors accountable for every mistake made in your investigation and trial, and overturn any unfair verdict or excessive sentencing.

Our post-conviction attorneys will aggressively utilize every resource available and our team is driven by achieving impressive results. Let us take over your drug crime case and provide you with an effective post-conviction strategy. Don’t accept a detrimental or mediocre result; obtain the services of Florida’s premier post-conviction team.

Proven Results in Florida Post-Conviction Drug Crime Cases

We will perform a detailed investigation of your arrest and trial, and can pursue the expunging of your record, sentencing appeals, or petition for appeal of conviction. We have been guiding clients through the highly specialized area of drug crime appeals for over twenty years and have successfully defended many Florida clients.

We handle drug crime appeals in state and federal appellate courts. We have extensive experience in the area of drug crime appeals, and we will employ dynamic tactics to fight for you in your Florida case. We will handle every detail of your case while still leaving you in control of your results. Start your push towards freedom with a lawyer at CPLS.

Start the Drug Crime Appeal Process in Florida

We will relentlessly defend you in your Florida drug crime case. If you or someone you know has been convicted on drug charges, call us at  407-647-7887  or 877-647-7887. We are available to discuss our post-conviction services and how they could help in your drug crime case. Additionally, if you’d like to set up a consultation with an experienced appeal attorney, contact us now. You want to retain your reputation and quality of life, and we can help make sure that a drug crime conviction doesn’t rob you of that. Start your post-conviction defense immediately; contact our top-quality criminal defense firm now.