Same-Sex Relationships

Handling the Legal Side of Same-Sex Marriage Issues

Domestic partnership issues for gay and lesbian couples are a legal area that is constantly changing. If you are a same-sex couple with questions about how to structure your relationship so that you can be legally protected, it is helpful to talk with an experienced attorney about your situation.

At CPLS, we represent all types of families and help ensure that your rights are protected. In situations where the law does not explicitly grant protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual relationships, we will work with you to create a legal strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Contact us today to discuss your case. We can explain same-sex laws in Florida and how they may apply to your situation.

Legal Issues Nonmarried Partners Face

There are other legal issues that need to be considered by nonmarried partners in Florida, including:

  • Title to property: There are many ways that property can be titled.
  • Wills, trusts and estate: There are a variety of estate planning tools that can be created to meet the needs and goals of your situation.
  • Advance health care directives: In the event one partner becomes ill and unable to make decisions for himself or herself, proper documentation can help clarify whether he or she wants to delegate decision-making authority to the other partner.
  • Powers of attorney: This document is helpful when dealing with financial situations and access to accounts.

When considering these issues it is typical for a couple to want to hire a single attorney to address these concerns. While some situations such as preparing joint health care directives may be allowed, in most settings an attorney would be prohibited from representing both parties in a contract or agreement.

Contact an Orlando, Florida, Same-Sex Law Lawyer

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