In order for a child to be relocated more than 50 miles from their current residence, the moving parent must obtain the other parent’s consent. If there is no such consent, then a court order will be required to authorize the relocation. This complex issue of moving children away can arise either during a Florida divorce or after the divorce (post judgment matter) is finalized. The three most common reasons for relocation after an FL divorce are:

  • One parent wishes to remarry and move with their new spouse
  • One parent is offered a generous relocation package through their employer or must relocate for job security
  • One parent is seeking to move in order to be close to a support system of other family members

The Florida relocation laws and standards are different if the move impacts child custody, such as modifying custody from a shared physical custody arrangement to joint legal custody. Before applying to the court for relief, it is important to understand the issues that may comprise your specific arrangement.

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