Out-of-State / International / Military Divorce

Deciding to divorce your spouse is rarely easy. A Florida divorce when a spouse lives outside of Florida, however, can be a bit more difficult. If you are a Florida resident but your spouse lives elsewhere, you may be able to obtain a divorce in Florida, even if your spouse is:

  • Residing outside of Florida in the continental United States,
  • Living abroad (internationally), or
  • Serving in the United States military, either out of State or abroad.

Oftentimes divorcing couples will choose to proceed with their divorce only when both parties are finally present in the State of Florida. While this approach may seem easier, your spouse’s presence in Florida may not be required for a divorce. For couples who do not wish to wait, divorce proceedings in Florida can still continue to full conclusion regarding such issues as:

Florida Divorce when YOU are Away

If you are working or living outside of Florida, or are on active duty with the military, the FL divorce lawyers at CPLS, P.A. can be retained to assist you with your divorce proceedings. Our experienced divorce lawyers will guide you through the entire divorce process, including making appearances at court on your behalf—even if you cannot physically attend. With the proficient legal assistance provided by the out of state, international, or military FL divorce lawyers at CPLS, you may not have to travel to the State of Florida to participate in your divorce proceedings. As your legal counsel, our firm will be there to advocate passionately and skillfully for your rights in court—no matter where you live.

Florida Military Divorce

In the State of Florida, military personnel may be allowed different rights under the state laws regarding divorce matters. Due to the differing situations and locations of military servicemembers and their spouses, these differences are important to understand as you proceed with your divorce decision. If you or your spouse is in military service, contact us with your questions or concerns for these special cases.

With the right legal representation, you can protect your future and your legal rights during divorce or legal separation, even if you are currently serving abroad.