Alimony Enforcement

Lawyers Enforcing FL Alimony Agreements and Court Orders

If you have an FL alimony court order or a signed alimony agreement, you have a legal right to receive payments that are owed to you. When the person responsible for making these support payments fails to do so or is not being faithful to the terms of payment, a Florida alimony lawyer is needed to help enforce your alimony agreement or FL court order.

Motion to Enforce Florida Alimony Agreements by Contempt

One of the ways a Florida alimony attorney can help enforce an FL alimony agreement is to file a Motion for contempt. If the court finds that the payor had the ability to pay the alimony, the court can impose jail time to force the payment.

In the motion, the Florida alimony lawyers at CPLS may ask for a variety of remedies, including but not limited to:

  • All outstanding payments to be brought up to date
  • All future payments to be paid on time
  • Counsel fees from the other party incurred by you in brining this motion to the Florida Family Court
  • Bench Warrants for the arrest and incarceration of the defaulting party

Florida Alimony Lawyers on Your Side

When you are unable to obtain Florida alimony payments that are rightfully yours, you may feel frustrated and helpless. Rest assured that there are legal options available to help you collect the money that is owed to you. The seasoned Florida alimony attorneys at CPLS will fight zealously for you to ensure that your FL alimony agreement or court order is enforced and your rights are fully protected. Call CPLS at 407-647-7887 or 877-647-7887 for your initial consultation.