Domestic Violence Injunctions

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common problem in today’s society and it is all too often the basis for the dissolution of a marriage. When you, or a child, has been the victim of abusive behavior in the home, it is crucial to take the steps necessary to protect yourselves. No matter what your spouse says, the abuse is not your fault. And, no matter what that person says, it is not likely to be the last time you will be abused.

The divorce lawyers at CPLS stand ready to use their skill and experience to protect you and your loved ones from domestic violence in Florida. There is no need to live in fear and dread of the next abusive episode. Contact CPLS today for your free, confidential consultation and you will sleep better tonight knowing that the abuse will not continue.

Preventing Domestic Violence in Florida

The Florida domestic violence attorneys at CPLS know that coming forward and going public about being a victim of domestic violence is a difficult decision. Often times individuals will endure years of abuse rather than bring their problems into the legal system. A divorce involving domestic violence can be both complex and intimidating. Our lawyers are here to simplify the process and protect all your rights.

Social views have changed greatly over the past two decades and the court system is now attuned to the needs of the victims of domestic violence in Florida. It is now universally accepted that persons suffering from domestic violence are indeed the victims and should be treated as such. With the staunch representation of its veteran attorneys, no client of CPLS need ever feel shame for seeking the peace of mind and tranquility in their lives which they deserve.

Petition for an Injunction against Domestic Violence in Florida

An Injunction against Domestic Violence, sometimes called a domestic stay away order or restraining order, will bar the person abusing you from your household. This may seem like a drastic step, but it is proven to be the most effective way to stop the abuse. Obtaining an Injunction against domestic violence is a remedy that the attorneys at CPLS frequently obtain for clients.

Even before the dissolution of marriage proceedings are filed, the domestic violence attorneys at CPLS will petition the court for a restraining order barring the abuser from contact with you. This includes coming to the family home, following you, threatening, annoying or otherwise engaging in harassment. Violation of the order will lead to the abusers incarceration.

The attorneys at CPLS will present a petition on your behalf detailing the immediate and present danger of domestic violence. On the proper showing, a judge will grant you a temporary restraining order (TRO). You will not even have to testify and your abuser will not be heard. As part of the TRO you can receive temporary child support and custody, while you prepare to seek a permanent restraining order and a dissolution of the marriage.

Types of Domestic Violence

Any of the following acts is considered a basis for a TRO:

  • Assault or battery
  • Sexual assault and sexual battery
  • Stalking and attempted or actual kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Any other criminal offense resulting in physical injury, or death, to you or a member of your household

Protect yourself and your children from domestic violence in Florida by contacting us at 407.647.7887 or 877.647.7887 the proven attorneys at CPLS today for a confidential consultation.